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Weekly Sitting Groups:

The Natural Meditation Community of East Central FL (Ormond Beach)
We meet every Tuesday 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Unitarian building in room one at 56 N Halifax,
Ormond Bch. (behind the Granada beach-side Post office on the left) just over the Granada
bridge and left at the second light.
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This is an informal, ongoing group open to anyone, free of charge, but donations are appreciated
and help support the group's ongoing expenses. After a brief welcome and a period of natural meditation (effortless being),
we listen to a talk and open to a period of contemplative dialog.
Come sit with us and learn the art of Meditation.

Meditation Group at First Unitarian Church of Orlando
On Thursday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:30, a meditation group meets at First Unitarian Church
of Orlando located at  1901 East Robinson Street. We meet in the church library, which is to your
left as you enter Gore Hall. Gore Hall is the building adjacent to the parking lot, just north of the
sanctuary.This is an open, ongoing group, offered free of charge. After a brief check-in and a
period of meditation, we have a discussion on a topic related to meditation.

Orlando Insight Meditation Group
A weekly study group meets Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00. After 45 minutes of
meditation, various aspects of Buddhist teachings are discussed. The study group is open
to anyone who has completed a meditation retreat or taken a course on Buddhist meditation
or psychology. Location: In the meditation hall behind Peter Carlson's home
For information call Peter at 407-339-5444

Tibetan Buddhist Study Group; (Within the Nyingma Lineage)
This group meets on Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:30pm at the Unitarian-Universalist Society
56 N. Halifax Ormond Beach, Florida
. Within the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition, we spend approximately
three quarters of an hour studying and discussing various  ‘Dharma,’ (in the form of Basic Buddhist teaching
and concepts) and, also, in studying concepts, teachings, and practices within the Nyingma lineage.
We, then, spend approximately one half to three quarters of an hour practicing one or more of
the various General Buddhist, or Vajrayana, Nyingma Lineage, meditative practices. A Donation of  $5.00 per
session is requested.  (To defer room rental and other costs). Michael W. Ladwig – 676-5421, or at

Volusia Buddhist Fellowship
This group meets Every Wednesday and the last Sunday of each month, 7 p.m.
First Unitarian Unversalist Church of West Volusia.
820 N. Frankfort Ave., DeLand.
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Natural Meditation Community of East Central FL


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