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What Is Happening Now?

Freedom does not exist at the end of any path or journey, it is here when you stop and stand in the midst of what is happening now. What is happening now? Can you be with it?   
-Michael Kane

We are so very pleased that you stopped by to visit our community. Please be assured you will find open arms and warm hearts welcoming you here.

The Natural Meditation Community of East Central FL is a community-based urban meditation group here in Ormond Beach Florida for the practice of Natural meditation (effortless Being). NMC is facilitated and was founded by Michael Kane. For more information about the facilitator go to
the "About NMC" page.

Natural Meditation is a way of being open and accepting with a non-judgmental curious awareness. This effortless way of being creates a foundation for living more fully in our work, family life, relationships and all the other ways we move through life. With the help of the great wisdom teachings and our diverse community we learn to create a wise and compassionate space within ourselves  in which to view our inner and outer landscapes with openness and kindness.

Through this practice you can reduce stress, confusion, develop inner calm and more. The result is
the ability to become more fully present with each moment of daily life, more comfortable in our bodies
and to develop a compassionate understanding of how we relate to ourselves and others.

     Sitting Group:
  *Ormond Bch Meditation

    We meet every Tues. evening
     6:30pm to 8:00pm Unitarian
     Building, Ormond Bch side.
     Join us for meditation, a
     talk and group discussion.
     All are welcome, informal.
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    Retreats / Workshops:


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We offer a broad range of practice's and community activities. These includes a weekly meditation
session, informative talks (related to Meditation, a verity of spiritual teachings including but not limited
to Buddhism) and contemplative dialog. From time to time we also offer workshops and a variety of
meditation and study retreats. This is a non-sectarian, informal group and anyone interested in meditation
and the teachings is welcome. There is no charge to come and listen to the teachings or sit with the
group but we do ask for donations for expenses including the building we use. Please feel free to move
about the site and know that you are welcome to come by and sit with us any time.

May we all know the joy of being alive.