About NMC

Welcome to The Natural Meditation Community Of East Central Florida. Our group meets every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:00pm to meditate, discuss a topic of the week related to meditation / spiritual practice, and then open to a contemplative group dialog. 

The facilitator of this group is Michael Kane. He has been leading weekly meetings and retreats for the past 13 years. Michael has over 20 years of meditation and retreat experience and has studied intensively with many of today's most insightful teachers. In his private practice, Michael is a trained mindfulness, personal development coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) specializing in trauma resolution (both shock and developmental trauma), body centered Somatic therapy, SE healing touch and is an Emotional Connection Facilitator. Michael has also completed many courses and trainings including Kathy Kain's SE Touch Skills training, Raja Selvam's Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) Training, Body Work & Somatic Education (BASE) training with Dave Berger, Master Class with Perter Levine, year long Non-Dual Teacher and Therapist Training with Peter Fenner, Emotional Connection Certification with Raphael Cushnir and Meditation and Psychotherapy Training Program by Tara Brach.

Michael is also the author of the book “Pointing To Nothing” (2015). You can view Michael's book at: pointingtonothing.com or purchase at Amazon.com

Our Practice:
In the demanding and fast paced world we live in we need to take time out to stop and look
inside, to create a space within ourselves in which to hold our inner world and to see clearly
what is true, what brings us joy and what causes suffering. To open to life more fully. We do
this through the practice
 of Mindfulness, Natural Meditation (Effortless Being) and Loving
Kindness (Metta)Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness is a type of meditation that essentially involves focusing your mind or attention on the present. In our practice this usually involves bringing our attention to the breath. To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts, experiences and actions in the present, without judging yourself or others. Research suggests that mindfulness meditation improves mood, decrease stress, and boost immune function. Mindfulness is a capacity building practice and can help us open more fully to life and the inevitable challenges that we face each day. It can also be a doorway to calmer truer sense of self. Mindfulness is a practice and like any other practice you have to stick with it.

Natural Meditation (Effortless Being): Through opening to all experience we experience
for ourselves the ever-changing flow of the mind/body process. This awareness leads us to
accept more fully the pleasure and pain, fear and joy, sadness and happiness that life
inevitably brings. As insight deepens, we develop greater equanimity and peace in the
face of change, and wisdom and compassion increasingly become the guiding principles
of our lives. At its heart is the practice of non-dual awareness, which cultivates a clear,
stable and non-judgmental awareness. In non-dual awareness we open to a space, our
true nature, in which we can include all of the sensations of body and mind and life.
While natural meditation is highly effective in helping bring calm and clarity to the
pressures of daily life, it is also a spiritual path, which gradually dissolves the barriers
toward the full development of wisdom and compassion.

Some of the physical and psychological benefits of meditation include, stress management,
feeling of centered-ness & balance, improved concentration, improved function of the immune
system, decreased anxiety, quieter mind, increased alertness and more energy and Creates a
less reactive mind in the face of difficult emotions.

Loving Kindness Meditation: It is a fact of life that many people are troubled by difficult
emotional states in the pressured societies we live in, but do little in terms of developing
skills to deal with them. Yet even when the mind goes sour it is within most people's capacity
to arouse positive feelings to sweeten it. The object of metta meditation is to cultivate loving
kindness (love without attachment, non-exclusive love) towards all sentient beings. The practice
usually begins with the meditator cultivating loving kindness towards themselves, then their
loved ones, friends, teachers, strangers, their enemies and finally all beings. It is a good way to calm
down a distraught mind because it is an antidote to anger and other difficult emotions. Someone who
has cultivated metta will not be easily angered and can quickly dissolve anger that arises. It is possible to be
more caring, more loving, and more likely to love unconditionally. It is my opinion that one should spend
some quality time practicing Metta meditation as a new meditation student to generate kindness
for self and others. When we start to practice meditation we need to have a great deal of
kindness and patients for ourselves as we constantly lose our balance and then come back
to the present moment, a committed presence, over and over till there is no beginning or end to presence.
The coming back to the present, to our true selves, generates the kindness and equanimity we need to
move freely through life.

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