NMC Audio Talks
•NMC "Retreat Talk" - Enjoy this wonderfully insightful talk given during our January weekend retreat. This talk explores unconditioned awareness, the impermanent nature of embodiment, causes of unhappiness and opening, in an authentic way, to what's arising. Run time 40min. NMC talk By Michael Kane, recorded January 2012.

•NMC Talk "Karma?" - Run time 37min. NMC talk By Michael Kane, recorded October 4th 2011.

•NMC Talk "The Body As A Teacher" -  Run time 45min. NMC talk By Michael Kane, recorded September 20th 2011.

•NMC Talk "True Presence" -To see clearly and be with each and every experience fully is a treasure. This is truly being here now! Here is where it all happens, where else can you be, where else can it happen? NMC talk By Michael Kane, recorded January 2011. Run time 39min. Music intro "My own two hands" by Jack Johnson & Ben Harper.

•NMC Talk "Running Away"
- How can we open to life more fully? This talk explores some of the ways in which we try escaping and running away from life, difficulties and what we don't wish to feel. The talk also gives skillful ways in which we can open, accept and see more clearly those experiences we run from. Run time 45min. NMC talk By Michael Kane, recorded July 2010.

•NMC Metta Introduction & Meditation - Enjoy this brief Metta introduction and guided Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation 

36 minutes
, NMC Talk By Michael Kane, recorded September 2010.

•NMC Inro Guided Natural Meditation - Enjoy this guided Natural Meditation practice lead by Michael Kane at the NMC weekly group. This audio recording runs 45min. Recorded August 2010

•NMC Talk "Already Free, Retreat talk" - What is holding us back from being free and liberated? This talk explores the process of seeing clearly the perceived obstacles that stop us from living fully, just as the Buddha did 2500 years ago. How do we break free? Run time 18min. NMC Talk by Michael Kane recorded February 2010